A Preferred Partner is a contractor who offers complementary home improvement services and meets the following criteria:

  • Delivers quality work and follows through to the customer’s satisfaction.
  • Provides a positive customer experience via courtesy, professionalism and craftsmanship.
  • Prices fairly and clearly and provides strong warranty protection.
  • Every project has owner involvement.
  • Participates in philanthropic activities and/or contributes to organizations who serve 
populations with exceptional needs.

Home Transformations focuses on the delivery of painting and related services. If you need the services of a General Contractor or Remodeler, we recommend that you contact Fair and Square Remodeling. They can be found at

Fair & Square Remodeling

Fair & Square Remodeling is becoming a role model to the home improvement industry and a hero to its clients. We begin each project with design and feasibility, provide estimates based on real numbers and deliver an efficient process that allows homeowners to get the space they want and the remodeling experience they deserve.

10% OFF on all labor pricing and a choice of:
icon0190 minutes of a FREE in-home color consultation for interior projects over $1,500 labor value.
icon023 hours of FREE professional house cleaning for interior projects over $1,500 labor value.