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Our warranty program is unsurpassed. Compare ours to that of any competitor. The most common warranty in the Twin Cities is only two years. Our standard warranty is more than double that at 5 years, and we expect our paint job to last at least 10 years. We have a   long track record to support that claim. We also provide a $200 Scheduling Guarantee to protect you against a “no show” experience, unique in our industry.



Many of us grew up in economic circumstances where there was not an abundance of luxury, and where it was sometimes necessary to wait longer than you wanted for life’s necessities. Given that history, we are always sensitive to our customers’ price concerns and strive to deliver maximum value. Fair pricing is based on integrity and clarity. Our estimates are highly detailed, so you receive an itemized description of every aspect of your project, as well as an estimate of the time required to complete the project. We strive to take all the mystery out of pricing and our labor rates are  very competitive when compared to other fully insured contractors.

Home Transformations’ prices are very reasonable, the best value for any home improvement project we’ve undertaken in 30 years.

P. Kjorstad-Kaatz, Minneapolis
10% OFF on all labor pricing and a choice of:
icon0190 minutes of a FREE in-home color consultation for interior projects over $1,500 labor value.
icon023 hours of FREE professional house cleaning for interior projects over $1,500 labor value.